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The top half of my Buggypod Lite / Buggypod iO is leaning away from or towards the pushchair

This means the Buggypod has not been fitted level to the floor.  This may be caused by any or all of the following:

  • The rear or front mounting bracket have been fitted to a point on the tubing that - when viewed directly from the rear or front - is not vertical but curving to the left or right.  The bracket must be fitted to a point on the tubing that is vertical when viewed directly from the rear or front. 
  • The rear mounting bracket has been fitted below the 29 cm minimum height or above the 41 cm maximum height.  It must be fitted between 29 and 41 cm measured vertically from the floor.
  • The Buggypod leg needs to be extended or shortened as appropriate, using the 'Pull & Click' function. 

Remedy:  identify the cause as above and make one or a combination of the above adjustments so that the Buggypod is level to the floor.  Contact Buggypod Support if you need further guidance.

The wheel of my Buggypod Lite / Buggypod io won't click into place on the secondary axle when folded up

Make sure the Buggypod is fully folded up, with the side panels tucked inside the seat, not outside.  Ensure you push the wheel firmly into the hole until you hear it click.

My Buggypod Lite / Buggypod io isn't folding up fully

Make sure the side panels of the seatcover are tucked inside, not outside, the seat when folding it, and ensure the harness or seat material is not catching on the folding mechanism.

Where do I find pricing?

Pricing is displayed on each item in the Shop

Will the Buggypod io or Buggypod Lite fit onto my pushchair?

Before buying, please use our BUGGY CHECKER on this website to check if your pushchair fits.

Do the mounting brackets supplied fit all tubing sizes?

We supply a set of standard and large mounting brackets in the box.  For compatible pushchairs, the standard ones fit tubing up to 4 cm in diameter and the large ones fits tubing more than 4 cm diameter.

Do the brackets have to be fitted exactly horizontal to each other?

The front mounting bracket may be fitted up to approx. 8 cm’s higher than the rear bracket.   If your pushchair tubing allows, we recommend fitting the front mounting bracket a few cm's higher than the rear.  The Buggypod seat then tilts back slightly, as with many pushchairs, which enhances stability and comfort. 

The front bracket should not be fitted lower than the rear.

Up to what age can I use the Buggypod?

Buggypods are ideally suited for approx. 1-2 years, max. approx. 3 years.  

What is the width of the Buggypod?

Buggypod Lite and io: 41 cm  (measured from the attachment point on the pushchair and including Buggypod wheel and mounting brackets)

Can I fold my pushchair with the Buggypod attached?

To fold your buggy, you will need to remove the Buggypod by just clipping it off the quick-release buttons. The mounting brackets can stay on your pushchair permanently and with most pushchairs do not interfere with the folding mechanism of the pushchair. When you unfold your pushchair simply clip the Buggypod back on.

How can I get the pushchair and Buggypod into the car?

The Buggypod can be folded away neatly and can be clipped off the pushchair for storage. The pushchair can be folded away normally with the mounting brackets attached.

Can the Buggypod io or Buggypod Lite be attached to the left side of my buggy?

Because of the design of the Buggypod io or Buggypod Lite, it can only be attached to the right hand side of the stroller when viewed from the pushing position.